timing of school

note: 7:30 to 2 p.m

ADG is a best school in ghorawal

Don’t make Excuses Make improvement


singing is the most natural thing in the world. I've grown up with it and I know I've got that gift.

Never break your school classes

This is most important you come daily in our school

The school is a temple and the teacher,s are god

School is a temple of learning where we are involved in learning process. It is a place where we learn basic things like manners, discipline, punctuality and many more along with studies.

Education is the process of facilitating learning,

Education is commonly divided formally into such stages as preschool or kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and then college, university, or apprenticeship.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Aacharya Drona Gurukulam Education

            Aacharya Drona Gurukulam

Best school in Ghorawal

We are provide Free Education for toppers student in Ghorawal
This is best opportunity for every student so please don't waste
Our previous time and come fast in Acharya Drona Gurukulam
The best school in Ghorawal we are also provide best facility for
Student,s like singing,dancing,gaming e.t.c children,s is the feature
Of our country so adg provide free education for toppers student
For bright student feature adg is not very big organization on this
Time but we are always  think about student feature  Better education
Is very important for all to go ahead in the life and get success it develop
Confidence level and helps building personality of a student,s ADG
School education plays a great role in every students life the importance
Of education has become increased in getting good job and position
Proper education create lots of way to go ahead in the feature  
Education is very important tool for Ghorawal student,s to success in
Life and get something different.Acharya drona gurukulam Education
Plays a paramount role in the modern technology word Education
Is must for both men and women equally as both together make a educated society. Education develops the persons of mind
Aacharya drona gurukulam is best school in Ghorawal because it provide
FREE EDUCATION for toppers students Education is most powerfully thing
For human been Ghorawal students is very creative and  more talented but they no able to Go School so ADG Aacharya Drona Gurukulam
the best school in Ghorawal provide Free Education for  Toppers students
ADG know that children's is feature in our Country INDIA education
plays greet role in everyone life without education human is not complete
ADG know that without proper,better education you can not achive for target. Education is the only single key to success in person and professional life. Best school in Ghorawal ADG provides us various types of knowledge and skills
Best school in Ghorawal

Best school in Ghorawal ADG

Education enables boys men and Girls to develop all the latent powers and faculties of their nature and to enjoy a better  life.Education brings people together and helps them to make friends in our society in our classrooms,colleges, Sitting in a classroom e.t.c The better educated we are, the more able we will be to help out our communities –we can easily survive anywhere with helps of Education  We can Easily talk to other educated person Education is important For everyone because it provides us with the knowledge that we need to survive in this Earth . Education can help us so we do everything nothing is possible for Best school in Ghorawal ADG Students because they Know that importance of Education in human life
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Thursday, 10 May 2018

best school in Ghorawal

Thursday, 26 April 2018


Best school in Ghorawal

Aacharya Drona Gurukulam :

          About ADG school in Ghorawal
School is the best place for every students a school
is a institution, school is like a temple where we
go daily to learn so many things, in every school first
of all in the early morning we pray to god for our best
study and say good morning to our friends,class teacher
And other school staff then we start study according to   
Time table.children are like to go school daily.
But i know that some children are not like to go school
Daily.the ADG school is very strict discipline which they
Need to follow on regular basis. The school dress in ADG
Is very best every students like his/her dress because the
Color of dress is wonderful and the combination is pant and
shirt is to good. ADG school is located at very perfect
Place and away from the pollution, noise,dust and smoke
of the city ADG school is very excellent having green
color two store building school teacher is very kind,
And teachers us to follow school discipline.there are two
Small beautiful gardens near to the parking where lots of
Colourful flowers,beautiful birds,and two cute rabbits
ADG is best school in Ghorawal because they are provide
Lots of facilities for students such as one big computer lab
Two array science labs, one modern library, one common
reading room,one big playground,one nice stage one
Wonderful cantine,and one stationery shop.
there are Nursery to 12th class students in ADG school
ADG has Around twenty five highly qualified teachers
Including women and men, Five helpers,one principal and
Two gatekeepers. ADG teachers teaches us very politely
And makes us learn subject in very attractive and creative
Ways. this is the reason ADG is best school in ghorawal.
ADG is very genuine place where we go daily to learn
something new
best school in Ghorawal


Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Aacharya Drona Gurukulam Educational Hub in Ghorawal

                Aacharya Drona Gurukulam the knowledge hub

Best school in Ghorawal

Acharya Drona Gurukulam is Knowledge hub in Ghorawal, ADG is the place
Where students can do everything related Education every student can do
Every thing because they have more Energy to do everything. there are also
Some multi talented student in our ADG school i think education is most
Important tool for the people all over the word, education is an tool for everyone
To get success. ADG is best education hub because we provide everything for
Our students. education is the act of learning things around us.education plays
Greet role in everyone's  life and ADG providing best education for everyone
Education is most important factor to development of ghorawal students i think
Education is most necessary for the every Student education is most important
For life and ADG is education hub to provide every educational things like
Computer skills, basic computer if any body can interested in java,tailly,so that
Time ADG provide this type of courses, in ADG school there are so many opcation
For student to learning,ADG is best option for ghorawal student to come and learn
Most important things this is beneficial for students       

Best school in Ghorawal

Thursday, 15 March 2018

ghorawal schools

            Aacharya Dron gurukulam ADG

Best school in Ghorawal

Aacharya Drona Gurukulam

School management: Management is most important for everywhere school 
management is a database system which can be use to manage our school,s day
to day programs , activities ADG school management is very well because we 
are manege everything in proper  way management is a art there are two 
aspects of management :
  1. Internal management
  2. External management                   
internal management of  our school is  Management of  library,management 
of our laboratory, building, covers admission and other physical and material resources

External management is Good and best relation with the community ,department
and other person and agencies connected with establishment and functions of the school 


best school in Ghorawal

best facility of ADG school in ghorawal

                                                         Aacharya drona Gurukulam

Best school in Ghorawal

ADG facilities: The quality of any educational  institution is totally depend on institution/school facilities and
Instructional material. This is the process of students
Learning.students is the future in our country    

Facilities in school :

There are so many best facilities in ADG school….
The number of rooms depends on the facilities provided
In the school.and there are forty eight rooms in ADG school ADG divide the school rooms in to the following
Three categories:

  1. Classrooms, intrucation room, and laboratories
  2. Non-instruction rooms,as principal office, staff-room
      Clerk office,library room etc

   3.miscellaneous room as tuck shop,store water rooms


Aacharya Dron Gurukulam:

The nave if self shows its important and reason for its existence aim  of the founder

Of ADG crate the structure of their working and make the ADG one of the best school in Ghorawal
The education is totally depends on school facilities and Instructional Material.
This is the process of students learning  actually school facility is a mostly important for students
Every teacher do his/her work very well and helping the learners to learn effectively.
School facilities are all the things that are needed for perfect teaching
learning process to take,    
In Acharya Dron Gurukulam ADG there are every facility for student
there are fifty five Thousand books in library and twenty three computer available for 
the students to use for research They have also projectors for students our infrastructure
is also very greet.
   Class rooms Features:
there are twenty eight room in our school campus and some rooms is under
Construction every rooms in ADG school is Airy, well ventilated,well illuminated   
 All room is Luxurious every student fell safe in our school campus every class
 Rooms is well kept and spacious and our school building is Magnificent

Best school in Ghorawal



Thursday, 8 March 2018

Aacharya Dron Gurukulam-best school

Aacharya Dron Gurukulam

Acharya dron gurukulam is a dream to spread the light of knowledge through education
in all around the society and To create the genius. it is an organization which is growing very
fast as an educational hub and a centre of excellence.


 Introduction to best school in Ghorawal

Acharya Dron gurukulam is one of the best educational institution present in our society
and continuously works as centre of excellence.the school is designed in such a way
that its architecture it self gives best learning environment.the School  is decorated with
a bunch of brilliant faculty members which consists a total number of 28 in this institute
.the school is surrounded by greeneries and all other assets which required for great learning
environment.Acharaya Dron Gurukulam is providing plenty of  Extra curricular activities for
Example music classes Dancing, Games ex.. Cricket , badminton and organised quiz
competitions in a definite interval of time.the very important about the institute is it always
emphasis on delivering more and more knowledge to its students.   


 History of Acharya Drona Gurukulam

Aacharya Drona Gurukulam was established in 2013 and located khutahan,ghorawal,
sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh -231210.in this short period of time the school has become one of
the most reputed school in sonbhadra, and its name is already reached to list of science
based institute in india


 Mr. Dinesh kumar Dubey is the founder of this greatest most centre of excellence.

                                           Aim of founder:-

to create a world where each one of us having equal opportunities to make a history and
contribution to make our nation developed and self dependent country with the help of better
education.founder thought that the education is the only key to earn your desired respect and
the sense of pride.founder always dreamed to create the best school in not only ghorawal but
also in this beautiful country.he always cotes the students that


Facilities:The quality of education is totally depended on the school Facilities.

We provide best facilities for students and teacher both we provide the best environment for

students. It has biology, chemistry and physics laboratories and a library with internet

facilities..it has two big computer lab,s in our school we provide bus facilities for every

student,s there are one Cantin in our school campus we are provide swimming classes for

the interested student, we have two other swimming trainers for swimming classes we are also

provide music classes for all instrument wife facilities is also provided for students. there are

smarts classes for students we provide so many more facilities this is the main reason our
school in number one in ghorawal. many students also say this is the best school in ghorawal

Security facility :

there are five security guards in our school they are not normal guards they
are cisf guards to protect our school and students twenty-four hours. security is most
important for every students

Health services: health services is most important for every schools our school also provide

best health services for every students and teacher also  there are one best doctor in our

school and he taught for health consent for students health is wealth there are no single

problem-related to student health if by chance any injury for the student so that time

immediately treatment  


 The school is affiliated with the U.p board,ADG is located in Ghorawal ,sonbhadra

Annual Shows:

     we celebrate annual function every year with great enthusiasm and pride we all are
enjoy so much in our Annual Shows,